Concrete pools

Our custom designed concrete pools will enhance your home and lifestyle.
Trust Sydney’s leading concrete pool manufacturer and designer.


Travertine coping
Bluestone dropface
Granite dropface
Travertine / Spotted gum decking
Travertine with Midnight interior
Wet lounge area
Sloping yard correction


White pebble pools give a crystal clear blue water
(our most popular interior)
You can add coloured glass beads to the white pebble to achieve a multitude of colours
Fully tiling your pool gives you the ultimate colour choice. Anything is possible but the the price increase is dramatic.

Feature and retaining wall designs

Pagola mount water blade
Standard water feature. Pool equipment inside.
Cave and waterslide
Multiple waterblades
Rainwater screen
Ultra modern stainless steel
3 head fountain
3 head fountain
Bubble beach
Waterblade / lamina flow combo
Weir effect
Waterblade / lamina flow combo
Retaining wall straight up from pool
Retaining wall set back from pool

Glass wall pools

500mm glass
1m glass
500mm glass
1m glass. Shows how thick the panels are.

Fencing examples

Frameless glass pool fence
Slatted screening in timber or aluminium slats
Black flat top aluminium

Night time

Standard pool lighting (LED)
Perimeter lighting
Lamina flow lit water streams
LED waterblade
Deck lights

Shade structures

Cantelevered design
Cantelevered design
Cantelevered design
Cantelevered design

Concrete pool construction process

Plans and engineering.
Excavation of the hole.
Putting the formwork in place.
Spray the concrete over the formwork.
Form the concrete and allow it to set.
Laying the coping.
Waterline tile.
Fit out the interior.
Add the spa plumbing – if applicable.
Equipment installation.
Time to enjoy your pool!

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